Client Testimonials


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Diane Black says:

It took my friend awhile to talk me into giving Dr. Cheryl a visit.
I just want to say that i am so glad i did. When i started my therapy I had no get up and go at all. I ached somewhere all the time.I was the chronic complainer.. My joints were so stiff that i stayed sore in my body 3/4 of the time and my stomach was a mess. Since my treatment, I look forward to each day and i am on the move all the time. My body actually feels good and i look forward to my adjustments.
I feel BETTER than i have in years and ohh did i mention i have dropped 22 pounds. So i urge anyone if your body is a mess forever what the reason. Give Creedmoor wellness a call and start you a road to recovery … There is always a smile to be found when you enter ..Call todayYou will be GLAD you did…
Thank you Dr Cheryl Hanly and your Team…

Tiphanie Morgan says:

After a few days of excruciating pain in the middle of my back I was beginning to think it was more than just a normal muscle spasm or pulled muscle. Even though I had family members come to the CWC and had great outcomes I wasn’t sure if my back issue required something like an adjustment. When a friend suggested I go there I knew that was the confirmation I needed to go ahead and make my own appointment. I am so glad I did. I ended up having a rib out of place which explained why I couldn’t get any relief no matter what I did or what I took. Not only was I popped back into place, but I was also educated and enlightened on the condition of my spine, feet, and posture. Thanks so much Cheryl for your help! I’d gladly recommend your services to any and everyone!

Phyllis Cozart says:

After years of suffering with vertigo and old injuries from 3 car accidents,being in another chiropractor’s office for over 2 yrs, I can finally say I have been led to the most wonderful help for the pain that I have had to live with for years. Just recently I was housecleaning and their was an old phonebook with a magnet inside that was from Creedmoor Wellness Center; my first inclination was to throw it away, but I am glad I did not. I went in about 2 weeks ago in excruciating pain to the point I was crying literally from bad shoulder pain and neck pain. I did not know what to do or where to go, so I was glad that I walked into CWC on that day and I can now say I am on a journey to wellness and wholeness in my bones, joints, and I know my entire body. Thanks Dr Cheryl for being the blessing of God for my life!

Ginger Coopersays:

My 7 month old son woke one morning with an eye issue. He wouldn’t open his eye. He would cry if I turned on the lights. Before we finished breakfast, I had made him an appointment with the pediatrician. I put him down for his morning nap and when he woke up, his eye had swollen up. There were tears running from that eye and he had started having red blotches around his eye going up into his hair. I took him up to my adjustment appointment with Dr. Cheryl. While I was there, she adjusted him, too. He wasn’t doing well at all when she saw him. He just laid there; he wasn’t playing or babbling. He was not himself. Within minutes of his adjustment, he started coming around. He perked up, started babbling and grabbing for my keys. I went ahead and took him to his appointment from there. By the time I got to the pediatrician – 30 minutes later – his eye was open, was not tearing, and the red blotches were gone. He was acting completely normal. Dr. Cheryl does an amazing service for her patients; helping our bodies heal themselves.

Ryannyn Hattaway says:

After struggling with migraines for 14 years and getting little to no relief from “traditional” doctors, I decided to seek help elsewhere. I have suffered from debilitating migraines several times a week. I am now able to count on one hand how many I have had in the last months that I have been coming to creedmoor wellness. In addition to that I also suffer from PCOS and irregular menses. I have one beautiful daughter but it was very hard for me to get pregnant. I now have had 2 months of a regular cycle(a first for me). My husband and I are looking forward to expanding our family soon. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at creedmoor wellness for enhancing my entire life. For the first time in a long time, I feel great! Ryannyn

Marlene Baileysays:

I have suffered with migraines for about 20 years. I have seen numerous doctors and neurologists who have placed me on so many different medications I can’t begin to remember them all. No one could tell me why I was having these migraines. When my test results would come back I would get the same response from all of them, “everything’s normal”. I knew something had to be wrong somewhere because no one’s head should hurt them every day. On my very first visit with Dr. Cheryl she was able to tell me the cause of my migraines. I was so happy to finally have an answer that I cried. With my first adjustment I felt a release of tension and pressure in my neck. I have felt better these past two weeks than I have in years. I haven’t experienced any anxiety or panic attacks due to the migraines. I am not taking medication every day as I was before seeing Dr. Cheryl. I know I have a journey ahead of me but, I thank Dr. Cheryl for helping me to be able to live again instead of just existing. I will forever be grateful and recommend anyone suffering with migraines to please visit Creedmoor Wellness Center.